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Project04 Challenge.jpg

Project04 Prototype.jpg

Project04 Velcro2.png

Creating a system.


Target: building a low-cost pavilion which people who want to start something small and cheap can use. This people can be artists who expose their work here, gardeners who grow vegetables, an ice cream man, etc.

Why do people want to use the project?

Now the site is an empty square. Nobody really use it. It is a quality of the site that there is so much space, so it is important to keep this space. By building an open structure which change all year long the site is used and keeps it's quality. A exposition space has to be dynamic. It has to change all the time so visitors have new items to see every time. This project focus on artists and others so they have influence on dynamic exhibition and other spaces.

How do people use the project?

Users (artists, entrepreneurs etc.) and volunteers can help building the pavilion. The materials are supported by the municipality and built in the workshop of Gergley]and Teun]. A part of the profit users make with the activities in the building goes to the municipality so all pay only if they have an income with something on the spot. There is also a space for starters who doesn't yet sell stuff or people who just want to expose. They can make use of the space by helping with maintenance and can stay just for a certain period of time.

What is the architectural value?

This structure is created so people can use it very easy and create their own pavilion. The architectural quality lays in the structure and rules of use.


Project04 Same structure different sizes.jpg

In the model above all the edges of the structures are the same length.

Project04 (4,1) goldberg polyhedron.jpg

In the model above they made use of two different length of edges to create a structure with only hexagons.

In this project the Kubotaëder is used as base. Below you see how this structure by only twisting it can be transformed from a kubotaëder to a flat surface.

Project04 Stage2.jpgProject04 Stage3.jpg Project04 Stage4.jpgProject04 Stage5.jpg


The main physical and programatic connection will be with the Customised Modularity project of Linus. Besides there are connections with Dustin and Miriam's Event Space, the Media Lab of Gergley and Teun and the Stigmergicscape project of Max.

Project04 Connections.jpg

In the Customised Modularity project all the elements or modules are there from the beginning and move by them self. The composition will change during the year, but the structure stays the same. The elements of the Kuboctaëder project are all individual connected to create one structure like a swarm.

Project04 Connection linus Page 1.jpg
Project04 Connection linus Page 2.jpg
Project04 Connection linus Page 3.jpg
Project04 Connection linus Page 4.jpg
Project04 Connection linus Page 5.jpg


The structure is set up through certain rules, where it has to comply with. All elements are individual parts which form together a structure.

- Every new edge has to connect with both ends to at least two other ends. 
- After at least tree edges the end has to fit to the structure again.
- If tree edges enclose a surface, there must be a plane.

One Kuboctaëder is around 25m3 so there must be 120 elements on the site. In the biginning this will be half of this or less, because there must be the possibility to grow.


Only whey there is a triangle there is a possibility to place a facade element. Those facade elements are made of 3D printed fabric. Here you can see how this works. The elements are attached to the edges with also printed loops woven into the fabric.

Project04 Bw 0.jpg
Project04 Bw 1.jpg
Project04 Bw 2.jpg
Project04 Bw 3.jpg
Project04 Bw 4.jpg
Project04 Bw 5.jpg
Project04 Color.jpg

People can design and print their own patern in one of the workshops of Gergley and Teun. Below you see a few examples.

Project04 Fabric1.jpgProject04 Fabric2.jpgProject04 Fabric3.jpgProject04 Fabric4.jpgProject04 Fabric5.jpg


The edge and the joint is one element. There can be extra edges added by 'clicking' those elements in each other.

Project04 Detail1.jpg

There can be different edges for different functions. For example construction, power, water, ect.

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