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Participatory design project classics

simply cool projects

HTML Tutorial (for your wiki pages)

Hey guys, in case your wikipage is not listening to what you want it to do, trying looking here for some extra tips.

Generative Systems

Below are some examples of generative computer systems that follow simple rules

  • Mr Doob - Branching
  • Mr Doob - Water Remix
  • Mr Doob - Branching 2
  • Mr Doob - Voxels Liquid

    NDSM Shed Occupants

    Hey guys, I've compiled the list of occupants in the kunststad based on their websites. I'm not sure how updated it is but perhaps it can help you on your site visits since they're hardly ever found in their studios. Click here to download the map and list.

    The IOU Project

    Voronoi Material System

    For those interested in voronoi structure, check out Cell Cycle by Nervous System.

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