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Public Meeting Area

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At the moment, a number of different activities happen in the NDSM. More than 10 years ago, NDSM was introduced with a plan of redevelopment, in a way that turned it to a spot of lots of opportunities. At first a group of artists, skaters and architects came to this area and planned for some studios and working spaces. Now, individual artists, craftspeople and independent organizations work there. In addition, NDSM offers a great possibility for exhibitions, try-outs, large and small performances, festival, parties and so on.

The area seems as a secluded large area with people working at their studios and it seems that this is one of the characteristics which has brought them here. By passers going to central Amsterdam or coming back don’t often visit the area since there is no interest for public there. What can be seen as a problem here is that, in spite of the fact that there is common benefit to attract more people and investors to area (the foundation of NDSM needs the supply for development and restoration, and the artist need to demonstrate their works in some way), this is not happening in the sophisticated peace. Of course it dooes not mean to force people to interact but provide more facilities and attractions to generate more possibilities for interaction.

Outstanding feature of the area, which the NDSM foundation has an emphasis on, is the essence of temporary activities in the area, from to one-day events and festivals to 1 or 2 year contracts with different investors. This issue itself brings many opportunities for a large range of target groups.


Rather than relating some problems to the NDSM, one may refer to some desires and ambitions which lead to opportunities. Since the term “problem” is controversial itself. Currently the biggest issue concerning the NDSM development is the lack of financial support to cover the cost of restoration and implementation of new plans (If there were no desire for development and expansion of activities there would not be a problem, since the area is working already and it is not clear that the consequences of the development will not make further problems!). This lack of money raises opportunities for investments (artists, organizations, offices, etc) in the area and opportunities for new creative and innovative ideas to attract people (as plans, architecture, etc). Another desire is to keep the qualities of the NDSM (historical, spatial, etc) and also desire to have temporary activities.

Overall, what is obvious is that the occupants and the foundation of NDSM are willing for development and this brings lots of opportunities for planners, artists, architects, investors, organizations, etc.


Artists or offices looking for temporary studios

- From the area or visitors


- Clients, interested, participants in events, etc


Interaction among artists, people, etc

Getting to Know NDSM

space for Combined Activities, events ,festivals, exhibitions

NDSM Site characteristics:

-- Large opens paces

-- Already a famous collective space (Festivals, Exhibitions, etc.), different temporary activities and attraction for artists

-- Not so much under historical and cultural limitations (regulations, convention, etc.) as the other parts of the city are!! & Open for new developments

-- warehouses, containers and megastructural Environment

-- Large Access to water

-- One of the connections between Amsterdam and Amsterdam North

-- Graffiti as an Artistic characteristic of the area



Project03 Diagram01.jpg

initial sketch: combining activities

initial sketch: elevetaing the spaces to provide access

NDSM Is Associated with large open spaces and lots of potentialities for new people and activities. The Idea is to keep the characteristics of the area and propose new possibilities for improvement and new opportunities. There are many temporary activities happening in the area and plans for more activities which are supposed to be temporary. In this sense, intensifying the area (at least in the most parts of it) does not lead to the mentioned goal since it sacrifices the large open spaces which is one of the fundamental characteristics of NDSM. Instead of imposing too many functions (activities), it is desirable to propose a public collective intervention, Hybrid and multifunctional, which can bring different activities together.

NDSM has become famous for its attraction of artists to the area. Many artists have offices in NDSM and many other participate in events and activities which often happen. The idea is to bring more artists, and also companies, to the area and provide them the possibility to interact with other artists and people coming there. In other words: combining some collective activities with some sort of temporary studio spaces.

The idea is to have set of elements which Holds a space in-between. This space acts as the collective space. These set of elements are elevated to provide access underneath them.




Project03 projectpic02.jpg

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