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Project12 Final Image Cover.jpg

Customised Modularity

author(s):Lihuang Linus Tan


An exploration of the NDSM site reveals a diverse ecosystem filled with intertwining fabrics of activities, both temporal and permanent. Within the Kunststad, a smaller ecosystem of artists and designers coexists in a balanced but non-progressive state. The challenge was to generate a reconfigurable design that enriches the existing ecosystem while strengthening the symbiosis with the greater ecosystem of the NDSM.

A modular design was adopted to facilitate connectivity on different scales, whereas automation was incorporated to facilitate reconfigurability and subsequently, became an integral component in the adjacent project, Modular Customisation. A uniform and interactive facade was designed to avoid fragmentation of the holistic ecosystem yet allowing artists and designers to express their individuality through the interactive facade.

Customised Modularity consist of studio and workshop modules that interlink seamlessly, allowing artists and designers to explore different workshops throughout their stay in Kunststad. The facade has a twofold purpose. It allows users to display their social media updates through a changing visual display of art, initiating an interaction with other artists and visitors, while communicating with adjacent facades to create a directive network, visually linking similar user activities to inform visitors to further explore the Kunststad.


Modular Customisation by Sjors de Graaf

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