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Ribbon Ondina

author(s):Magdalena Melon and Romain Thijsen


Ribbon_Ondina is a a routing system for NDSM wharf consisting of the ferry terminal (Ondina pavilion), landscaping path with lighting strips (the ribbon) and small multi-purpose pavilions along the ribbon. Ondina pavilion and small pavilions at the ends of the ribbon serve as gates to the NDSM site. The ribbon entwines the coast and connects to different projects located near to the bank and then leads to to the boulevard on the river IJ via Buiksloterham bridge. Both main elements of the system have directional lighting embedded in them. The project aims to attract diverse groups of people and enable them to discover the unique NDSM sites.

Ribbon_Ondina creates various sceneries on the site thanks to the proximity to the other projects. When connected to any other project it gives a new quality of space that comes from interweaving its primary purpose (routing) and the characteristics of neighbouring designs. Not only does it link varied environments of the NDSM but also it informs people about possible destinations via Ondina's interactive interface embedded in the structure and several spots on the ribbon.


Inspire me 2 change (Pim & Lotte)

Quake/X (Harish)

NDSM center (Eric)

Interactive Garden (Dustin & Miriam)

Versatile Panels (Amid)

Connective Collective (Sam)

Hybrid Collective Area (Vahid)


Ribbon exploded.jpg

Exploded2 high dpi2.jpg

Birdeye night.jpg

Topview ondina.jpg

Section ondina2.jpg

Interior2 CENTRAL.jpg

Interior ondina3 WAITING.jpg




Ondina normal.jpg


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