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Author:Harish Ramakrishnan


The skatepark at NDSM is going to be closed permanently, and what started as a proposal for replacing the sports arena became a full-fledged strategy to create link across cultures, across functions, across projects. The graffiti artists and the skate-park users are the surviving entities from a bye-gone era. They form an open community, open to change. An ecosystem needs a bit of everything, and in a way reaffirming the same, Quake/X is a space that renews the NDSM, granting it the necessary attraction for people of all ages and cultures.

Situated between the MTV and Redbull offices, it relates to commercial as well as artistic needs and aspirations, creating a functional self-sustaining economic model to assert its sustenance. It is a perfect opportunity for commercial establishments to come together and add their share of vibrancy to the site.

Quake/X has been designed as an adaptive landscape that takes care of the needs of the people who visit the particular project or the adjacent ones. It serves as a landscape to walk, play, practice, meditate and more. It transforms on need, learns over time what people want, and recognizes needs in the longer run, eventually controlling itself. Its adaptive capabilities allow for it to change over time, ascertaining the requirements of time, of the ever changing context. Quake/X is what you make of it.


de Markt

Ondina Pavilion

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