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Project08 Final Overviewpark.jpg
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author(s):Akshay Rajan


A study of NDSM revealed an underwhelming supply of retail facilities vs user demand. The traditional retail model (food, markets, crafts, retailers) establishes a foundation for providing a richly diverse, lively and intimate environment. Not only does this present NDSM with commercial viability, but it is the social hub of the new society. The challenge presents itself in the temporal existence of space. Does a space designed for a specific activity need to exist when it is not being used?

De Markt will activate the under-utilised space between the Red Bull and MTV offices. The notion of dead space is eliminated via a dynamic landscape allowing for constant, diverse use. De Markt is more than an emporium - competitive retail market, public green parkland, communal urban farm, and public car park.

De Mark is composed of a sum of individual, dynamic units layered in a responsive landscape. Subsurface, paid public car park. At surface, contoured public parkland and urban farming. From within the landscape, on demand, rise dynamic units providing fixed areas of rentable retail space. Additional space (lowered dynamic units) is available based on sensory use/demand and user requests.

A new paradigm for an evolutionary, responsive, competitive market - dynamic, shifting, adaptable.


NDSM Center, Media Lab, Quake/X


Project08 Final Overviewpark.jpg

Project08 Final Overviewmarkt.jpg

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Project08 Final NWmarkt.jpg

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Project08 Final Harishconnect.jpg

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