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author(s):Gergely Hory, Teun Verkerk


MEDIA LAB is an experimental workshop center mainly for children and teenagers. Workshops deal with questions about the role of mass media in the lives of the young generation. The aim of these events is to improve kids’ awareness of media-related issues, and to develop direct independent feedback to media companies from their audience. Additionally the MEDIA LAB functions as a hub for artists & designers who are involved in transferring their knowledge in the workshops, or are just using the media- and fablab facilities.

MEDIA LAB is located in the center of NDSM wharf, reusing the currently abandoned blacksmith warehouse. The architectural intervention aims to create a balance between keeping the spatial generosity of an industrial monument and introducing a variousity of flexible spaces in an innovative form.

MEDIA LAB will bring liveliness to the everydays of NDSM, while strengthening the area’s identity as a place for creativity and media. In a wider scale the project contributes to the development of a new humanized mass media, where the audience are treated as active participants rather than passive consumers.


de Markt, Interactive garden

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Gergelyteun 009 groundday.jpg

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