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Modular Customisation

author:Sjors de Graaf


"The NDSM is a place for dreamers, doers, pioneers, adventurers, expressed entrepreneurs, original thinkers and precursors." That's why Modular Customisation is established.

The NDSM wharf was from origin as the name mentions a shipyard. It is located at the north of the IJ in Amsterdam. When the area lost it's old use, people started new activities, and this way give the NDSM wharf a new look and function. Former workers from the wharf still come here to meet, but nowadays it are the artists that are the current users, together with small and big companies, by-passers and today more and more tourists.

The old pilots accomodate new companies and other functions like for example a skate park which attract lots of people. Because of the expanse and emptiness of the site those people walk along eachother and don't start to built further on the open space. The big empty spaces inbetween the pilots is now used as traffic route. The missing link between the different funtions on the site is where this project is focusing on. The historic objects from the time of the shipyard and the spray paint made by the squarters is an example of traces left behind by (former) users of the site. By making an object which addapt to the users and also can be formed by them the different groups on the site can be connected through the building.


Customised Modularity by Linus Tan

Project04 Phase 1.jpg

Project04 Phase 2.jpg

Project04 Edges.jpg

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