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Project name

author(s):Vahid Ghodsi


NDSM warf, formerly as a shipyard, now has become a unique area in the Amsterdam with lots of opportunities for redevelopment. It is known as an area for artists, Festivals and events. Large affordable open spaces, not being under strict regulations and open to developments can be seen as the reasons behind this. Now there are many plans for different kinds of temporary activities on this area and a strong desire to attract people, artists, companies, investors, etc to NDSM. The question is how to keep the characteristics of the area while imposing new developments.

With lots of open spaces and some historical consideration, intensifying the area does not help to reach the considered objectives. The Idea is to propose a long term intervention which can accommodate many of these temporary activities, In other words, One Hybrid Multifunctional intervention Instead of different temporary intervention.

These activities merge with some studio spaces which are supposed to be rented temporarily to artists, offices, companies, etc to encourage investigating in the area. Studio spaces are elevated form ground to give access to Inside which is intended for Public collective purposes. The geometry emerges from connecting initial spaces to each other and ground in a smooth uniform manner.


Ribbon Ondina by Magdalena Melon

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