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Perspective 2 Unit Exchange.jpg

Architecture Without Permanence

author(s):Wen Tao Bi


The economic crisis has big influences on development; its depressing vibe is not a new phenomenon; this however has taught us that recessions are not only periods of mass firing and budget cuts, but also that context is a forever changing element; that time does not allow anything to stay the constant.

NDSM is at the forefront of this phenomenon. its temporary state of NDSM reflect such change; exposing the weak connections between people, functions, objects and time. "architecture without Permanence" aims to reconnect existing and emerging people, functions, space and time; providing adaptability, flexibility and real time feedback system.

"architecture without Permanence" is an exploration upon a new intervention for the treatment of contextual considerations. taking up the challenge of adapting to the changes of context; of its environment; of its functionality and of its people. can architecture really survive without any permanence?


Factory Platform (Chao)

Factory Conveyer Belt (Chao)


P01 Urban 1.jpg

Urban 2.jpg

Perspective 2 Unit Exchange.jpg

Perspective 3 Entry.jpg

P01 Perspective 4 Upstairs.jpg

Perspective 1 Dancing with Robots.jpg



Scenario 3a.jpg

P01 ChaoConnnection.jpg

P01 chaoconnection2.jpg

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