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Project10 Restaurant.jpg

Inspire me 2 change

authors: Pim Schachtschabel & Lotte Suijker


The 'Inspire me to change' pavilion will be the new icon of the NDSM area. NDSM is a place for self initiatives with endless posibilities, a place were it is possible to make your (bottom up) projects come true.

The pavilion is a research to discover how people react on new systems. How appealing is it for people to asjust their surroundings to their needs and will people interact with the building. How will the building change when more and more people try to change it to their indicidual needs?

The design consists of tree main elements: an inyeractive lighting system that encourage people to exploor the world around them; a supporting, wooden structure and a landscape on top of the pavilion. Different activities can take place in and around the building. There are fascilities for a restaurant/cafe, a stage and a bioarket with a vegetable garden.

The pavilion is not a stand alone building, but connects to other projects, providing both ways a surplus for the building within this new eco-system.


Ribbon Ondina, Connective Collective

Project10 Overzicht ingezoomd.jpg

Project10 Winkel outside.jpg

Project10 Connectie ribbon.jpg

Project10 Interieur dans.jpg

Pim Hyperbody.jpg

Project10 Interieur people.jpg

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