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description of the Free Floating Connective Collective

The free floating connective collective is an adaptive system of individual 'floating studios' and collective 'service islands' in which the individual can connect and reconnect to other individuals and to the 'service islands' and other facilities. At the start of the project the facilities will aim at the needs of the artists. The activities housed inside the floating studios will become more diverse over time and so will the types of facilities diversify. Those studios and 'service islands'that don't fit in the NDSM area anymore can relocate and form clusters in othere areas.

interior view

Project14 Interieur4 metachtergrond2.jpg

organisational diagrams

There are two types of studio's: collective studio's and individual studio's. The individual studios can be ordered at the architecture republic with the by the buyer preferred properties. The number of connecting arms, diameter and height of the studio, type of facade material and the amount of glazing are all variable. The collective studio's all have the maximum of 6 connecting arms, they can be placed in clusters to allow more individual studio's to connect to them.

Project14 Studio Types3-01.jpg

Project14 Test3.png

Project14 Renderzzz.png

Project14 FromAboveConfiguration.png

plans, sections and elevations

Project14 DoorsnedeAF.jpg

Project14 Plattegrond.jpg

Project14 Plattegrond vouwende delen.jpg

Project14 1.jpg
Project14 2.jpg
Project14 3.jpg
Project14 4.jpg
Project14 5.jpg
Project14 6.jpg
Project14 5.jpg
Project14 4.jpg
Project14 3.jpg
Project14 2.jpg

The construction of the studios is fold-able at 1.2m from the water-line. This allows the studio's to shrink in height and sail under the bridges in the Amsterdam canals to reach the hundreds of galleries and museums in the city center. Most of the facade panels are planar and can thus be of solid materials like glass or wood. Those faces that are not perpendicular will not stay planar when the studio folds, because of that they must be made out of flexible materials. The extending arms are also folding but in the horizontal direction with two flexible planes at the start so it can also rotate upwards to reach the water-front up to 1,5 meters.

connections to other projects

The Ribbon

Project14 Samrendr2RomainvanSam.jpg Integrated in the Ribbon lay the docking stations for the connective collective studio's. When arriving with the ferry people who'd like to use a studio will be guided by the ribbon to the nearest available docking station. From the docking station they can rent a studio and go aboard. At night the docking station also provides the studio's with fresh supplies of water, hydrogen and gets rid of the waste generated over the day.

Versatile Panels

Project17-fr-06.png By sailing under the bridge of the Ribbon the exhibition space with the Versatile Panels can be reached. Here the artists can set up their exhibition directly from their studio's. During the exhibition itself the public can be invited up to the studio and get a closer look at the artists.

Architecture Republic

Project14 Chao.jpg All studios are produced in the Architecture Republic. Potential buyers can send their preferences directly to the factory. Among the possible variables are: cladding material, diameter, height, number of connection arms, etc.

Inspire me 2 change

Project10 Connection SAM.jpg At least one of the collective islands acts as a exhibition space that can be set anywhere for temporal exhibitions. The lightning system of the Inspire me 2 change pavillion will be very useful to set up any temporal exhibition layout within the studio.

urban scenarios

Project14 NDSMOverall shorttime.png

Bottom-Up Approach. The project will start with just a few studio's, about 20 individual and about 5 collective studio's. After the initial period more studio's will be bought which leads to more facilities and even more interest. This gives a positive feedback loop which will eventually lead to a diverse and wide-spread community with its roots at the NDSM but with influence far beond.

Project14 NDSMOverall longtime.png

use-case scenarios

Project14 Pont NDSM komt eraan2.jpg

Project14 Interieur2 metachtergrond.jpg

-current time scenerio- Artist living in the city center: -He takes his bicycle on the ferry and in no time he's logging in at Ondina. -Ondina recognizes him and guides him to the nearest available dock. -His own floating studio is meanwhile floating to the dock as well. -The artist steps aboard and navigates to Storage Island where he collects his materials for his art that he wants to work on. -From Storage Island he sets the board navigator to go to the architects floating studio. The actor with whom they are making a record for a theater show connects a little while later. -At lunchtime they return and make lunch on Kitchen Island. Another artist invites them to come to their newly opened gallery in the city center. They all board another floating studio while their own studios detach from Kitchen Island and go in idle mode. At night one by go to the docking to charge.

Project14 PhotosjopIJburg3.jpg

Project14 Wilhelminadokbla.jpg

Project14 Evening2.jpg

-future time scenario- Financial manager living at IJburg. -In the morning the manager and his kids leave his floating house at IJburg and steps directly on the floating studio. -After dropping off his kids he sails further to the NDSM while working on a new finacial case. It takes only half an hour before he arrives at NDSM and directly connects to his company's island park where he has several meetings. -At lunchtime he has a lunchmeeting at Park Island. -In the afternoon he has some free time so he decides to go to Leisure Island to do a painting course. -After the course he sets sail to the city center to have dinner with his wife.

urban strategies

Project14 Connective Collective business model2-01.jpg

additional information

Project14 To paste in2.jpg

--10 Selling Points:--

-Access to a wide variety of facilities.

-Profit from the community, join colleagues and experts in collaboration projects.

-Direct access to the galleries in the city center.

-Freedom to move to any creative and inspirational site.

-Connect to all waterfronts, other boats, Facility Islands and other Floating Studios.

-Perfect fit, order the Floating Studio to fit your specific desires.

-Upgrades are possible. When your desires change its possible to go back to the factory and upgrade the studio.

-Join in the Floating Web to have direct contacts with the community and be inspired by unexpected influences.

-Be future proof! Do what you want to do and dont let the government decide it for you.

-Be a pioneer in the revolution of town planning!

project diary

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