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The inspire me to change pavilion will be the new icon of the NDSM area. The NDSM is a place for self initiatives with endless possibilities, a place where it is possible to make your projects come true. The director of the NDSM foundation Frank Alsema wants to research a new possible urban area. Our Msc-1 projects are a proposal to this research. Our pavilion is not a stand alone building but connected to many other buildings and project, providing both ways a surplus for the building within this new eco-system.

The pavilion is a research to discover how new systems can help people to change their 3D environment. How appealing is it for people to adjust their surroundings to their own needs, and will people interact with the building. And how will the building change when more and more people try to change it to their individual needs.


Physical and virtual connections to other projects on NDSM.

PROTOTYPE I // grasshopper definitions

Controlling the grid of point by grasshopper scripts.


Controlling a stepper motor with Arduino and a potentiometer. The stepper motor will be the driving force to higher and lower each component.


In order for the users to interact with the pavilion we need a platform that is easy to use and cheap therefor we use a program called TouchOSC wich can be downloaded on a smart phone.


Prototype of the grid of lamps that can move in their Z-value. The lamps are replaced with cups in order to make the prototype financially feasible


Since we have grid of lights, we didn't want to use ordinary Edison light bulbs. We are in the process of designing a light with new technologies that are both better for the environment and physically appealing.

PROTOTYPE VI // Structure

The grid of lamps should be placed under a structure. We envision the new ndsm way of urban planning and try to make a structure that fits within this new goal. A structure that can be made of pieces of wood, Maybe even old scrap-wood. Each element can be printed by a CNC printer on site making the building process faster and minimizing waste.



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