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Project08 ph2nwup.jpg
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the new paradigm for a evolutionary, responsive, competitive market. dynamic, shifting, adaptable.

a usable, dynamic retail landscape. landscape adapts to provide fixed allotments of retail space. as per traditional model, space can be rented with rates on the base amount of sq m

Project08 retail1.jpg Project08 retail2.jpg

retailers then compete for additional space based on sensory response of adaptable units to usage + demand. if more space is required, the dynamic units respond to provide it

Project08 retail3.jpg Project08 retail4.jpg


dynamic landscape is a collection of modular components that move vertically relative to each other

screw type mechanism for relative vertical movement informs the design. expressed + utilised as framework for component structure

Project08 component.jpg

Project08 componentstogether.jpg Project08 componentsup.jpg

material study

concrete frame_weight consideration, limited interchangeability of components, limited ability to include movement mechanism

steel frame_reduce weight, increase interchangeability, limited aesthetics

Project08 materialstudy.jpg

conclusion_consider movement mechanism as integral to both function + structure

movement study

establish a set of parameters/rules to determine module configuration. address issue of identical modules with specific green roofing to provide site contours

Project08 protorules.jpg Project08 protogreen.jpg

study mechanism for vertical movement

hydraulic cyclinders_limited vertical movement within desired range.

vertical rack + pinion gear_limits access from component's sides

Project08 movementstudy.jpg

develop existing hyperbody system_flexscape

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