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Project08 marketoverview.jpg
Project08 market.jpg
Project08 park.jpg
Project08 parkoverview.jpg
Project08 stageoverview.jpg
Project08 stage.jpg



- activate under-utilised, dead space existing between red bull + mtv building

- provide an adaptable architectural intervention through open space + built form

- foster new use + social interaction through built form + varying function

- provide adaptability through dynamic relationship between open space + built form

- develop a provocative + interesting design to attract new users

- draw users out of their buildings or new users to site to create a hive of interaction


connection with project 09_quakex. seamless integration of dynamic landscapes + overlapping functions

Project08 sitedivision.jpg ConnectHarish.jpg


Project08 site.jpg

project site located in open space between red bull + mtv offices. exploit under utilised site with an architectural intervention to establish connections between various ndsm users

Project08 planmarket.jpg


demand + supply_significant user demand for food + retail with underwhelming current supply

Project08 survey.jpg Project08 existingretail.jpg

ndsm abcd

Project08 ABC1.JPG Project08 ABC2.JPG Project08 ABC3.JPG

Project08 ABC4.JPG Project08 ABC5.JPG Project08 ABC6.JPG

Project08 ABC7.JPG Project08 ABC8.JPG Project08 ABC9.JPG

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