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Project06 Plan.jpg


Media Lab

Project06terrace.jpg The Interactive Forest has a strong connection with Media Lab by it’s users - children. It can be used in various ways to play, climb and interact with it. The structure is constantly changing, providing different ways of using the site every time. People from the Media Lab represent a different kind of occupant-corporate workers, neverthless the garden structure still meets his needs.
Project06 Playground.jpg
It neighbours the warehouse from the north-west, providing a kind of terrace, where they can enjoy a good view of the NDSM, while having lunch or a break from the workshops.
The terrace can also serve as a performance stage during the festivals.

Ribbon Ondina

Project06 ribbon.jpg

Project07Ribbon.jpg Project07Ribbon night.jpg

Being a flexible system, the structural units are not only capable of forming a cloud but also forming lines.

Along the riverside, especially the lower level of the ribbon, the area that is more close to the water and designed to be a platform for people to stay, is missing protection of any kind, while the impact of climate is more severe due to lack of buffer area in the open area. So the interactive Garden is expanding towards the riverside, distributing along the ribbon and provide shelters for people walking, or staying beside the river.

The shelter is connected to the realtime data of NDSM, reacting to different conditions of climate to provide different protections according to the comfort level of human body.

Distributing along the river, these connected organic shelters outline the boder of NDSM, especially at night when lighting from Ribbon, giving the NDSM a unique image one can recongnize even from the other side of the river.

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