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Project vahid render01.jpg


Hybrid collective project is a respond to the temporary sense of activities happening in the NDSM area. Now there are many temporary activities taking place in NDSM. From events and festival which happens in specific days during the year to temporary studios and offices which are being rented to companies, artists, etc. The project tries to merge these different activities into one long term intervention.

One of the desires of the NDSM foundation and the people working there is to attract more people from different target groups to the area. The project provides temporary studio spaces for the people or offices who are eager to come to NDSM.

Project03 Diagram01.jpgProject03 initial sketch01.jpg

The location has been chosen in an open space at the edge, where already many public events happen. This location gives plenty of open space and access from around and also being visually connected to the water and Amsterdam central.

Ground pattern is taken from the columns positions and gradually merging to the surrounding by the means of paving and lighting. Ground paving consists of regular concrete and the pattern which is from light transmitting concrete and lighting underneath. So, basically there is no difference in the material but in the pattern parts slight lighting is visible.

Project03 site01.jpgProject vahid renderSite.jpg

The geometry emerges from connecting initial spaces to each other and to the ground in a smooth uniform manner, as the upper part of the geometry is floating. The matter of attractiveness of the form is considered as an important factor, since helps the building with its design intentions. In other word, attractiveness makes the project more successful due to the type of the activities happening there.

Project vahid renderwest.jpg

Project vahid render04.jpg

Project vahid render05.jpg

Project vahid render06.jpg


The connection happens with the ribbon project. This connection is rather programmatic than being physical. So the project maintains its identity and geometry, providing each other with access.In other word, access and attraction is the purpose of the conncetion between two projects. This has arranged by two access points which take the shape of opening from the ribbon.

In the connection points, Ground lighting pattern goes to the ribbon. This gives visual connection and a guide for the entrances of the project. The same paving material is used for this specific part of the ribbon between two connection points.

Project vahid render02.jpg

Project vahid render03.jpg

Project vahid rendernorth.jpg

Project vahid Section-1.jpg

Project vahid Section-2.jpg

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