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Temporariness19.jpg [Recap Phase 1: The Temporariness of NDSM]

From Phase 1 we established that there is no one way of describing NDSM. NDSM's identity lies within the ephermral moments; where creativity, innovation, activity and freedom dictates and Characterises NDSM.

Temporariness plays a major part in NDSM's ecosystem. it is constantly in a state of flux. forever changing;

Every Few Minutes; The daily motions of the people flowing off the ferries.

Every Few Hours; The change in condition of the existing functions.

Every Few Week; NDSM hosts extra activities like markets, workshops and Exhibitions.

Every Few Month; Thousands of people gather for Festivals and special Events.

Every Few years; the constant change and development of the site.

These context changes make NDSM an unique site of flux. NDSM is always changing in its approach; its context and its conditions. to design within NDSM, one must not neglect such Temporariness

How does architecture interact and adapt to these forever changing conditions?

Project Concept, Aim & Objective

P01 Concept diagram.jpg

[Image Text]

[Project aims & Objectives]

Everything around us is context, from street-scape, surrounding buildings, the environment and even the people and its ethnicity. This project focuses on the change in context in terms of functionality; the change in function; the change in needs; change in audience and its influences.

The objective is to create a new interactive architectural intervention that caters for functional change; for change in needs; for change in audience.

[Posing Questions]

What if what you are building next to is not there anymore?

What if what you are building next to changes its functionality?

What if the targeted audience changes?

What if your own and surrounding functional requirements changes?

how can architecture cater for these changes in context?

How can architecture survive through time?


Re-configurable Architecture

The Tool

Reconfiguration and the Robotic Arm When it comes to re-configuration; a factory with robotic arm assembly seems to be its first impression. to take apart and re construct an object, a product or a building; one cant sway too far away from the most versatile manipulator. the Robotic Arm.

The Robotic Arm is benefactor is many many ways

It is a Mufti-functional Tool; the change of Gripper allows new tasks to be held.

It is Flexible; with 2-3+ axial joints, it can reach hard places where perhaps even a human arm could not.

It is a Machine; it is operational 24 hours without rest. (maybe a 10 min reboot everyday)

in its own essence the Robotic arm is a constructive and deconstructive tool that can be a major asset in the fight against change.

P01 Robotic Arm.jpg [Image Text]

The System

[ The (complex) system]

a cognitive system is required to learn and predict actions based on contextual change. in our case; when functionality changes around us, so does our system of generation.

P01 Robotic arm.jpg 1 The positioning of the robotic arm is fixed based on the site boundaries so that it can cover the site with its movement; the service radius is 25m.

P1 Surrounding Context.jpg 2 The system requires the input of contextual nodes, established through a registry database. this database allows us to gain information like opening hours, its customer or worker flow, its environmental conditions (i.e. if its quite or individualized or public and noisy etc...)

P01 All Functional.jpg 3a Once nodes are identified and linked, generation of the architecture is to be based on its links; the estimated people flow; acting almost like sheltered serviced pathways. the generation of the columns are with real-time data plus a percentage of randomness. creating new and interesting spaces.

In this scenario; all functions are opened like an open day. hence the site services a large variation of functions covering large amount of the site.

4. All Closed.jpg 3b In this Scenario; all functions are closed like public holiday; the serviceability is very little and caters for individual needs.

6. Weekend.jpg 3c In this Scenario; many additional contextual nodes like markets and are added onto the system generating new contextual links and hence new configurations.

P01 Monday - Friday.jpg 3d In this scenario; the normal day consists of some functions open whilst others not; some accessible whilst others are not. hence the configuration reflects upon such information.

P01 Urban 1.jpg 4 This is the final built composition.

P01 GF plans.jpg

P01 Plan 1F.jpg [Image Text]

Structural Integrity

P01 Prototypephase2.jpg

[Recap Phase 2: Flexibility in Structures]

In phase 2: the structural explorations helped us to understand how to cater for a flexible units. in prototype #1: sliding boxes; it is evident that a large variation of footprint can be configured; however the volume was still confined to its cube form. hence the development of such prototype lead us to create a framed system where by both footprint and volume geometry can be controlled and generated.

Structure 1.jpg Structure 2.jpg Structure 3.jpg

Column Beam Detailing

P01 Structure detail.jpg

The beams are a click on connection; allowing the robotic arm to avoid bolting and or welding. leaving permanent joint to connections.

Urban Visualization

Urban 2.jpg

Birds View of Site


Perspective 1 Dancing with Robots.jpg

Perspective from entry of Project:Hybrid Collective Area

Perspective 3 Entry.jpg

Perspective from Area B: Redbull "Rent Me" Service

P01 Perspective 4 Upstairs.jpg

Perspective from Area C: Individual "Rent Me" Service

Perspective 2 Unit Exchange.jpg

Perspective of Conveyor belt connection with Project: Architecture Republic

"Rent Me" Service Scenarios

"Rent Me" Service

This Project evokes the theme of Temporary architecture; what happens when architecture is temporary; how is it being used? how can it be reused from the change in context? the possibilities and potential is endless; here are three scenario examples to help paint the picture.

Scenario 1: Extra amenities for business


Sometimes it is difficult to evoke new products and/or direction onto a brand; showrooms are needed to engage with new audience voicing the company’s new image or direction. renting these spaces however are costly.

Now; we can use this “Rent Me” service to provide user interaction on an hourly basis. The benefits is a win win situation; i can provide space for user interaction when i need it ( when new products or promotions are in place) and pay for only when i need (daily rate). this is truly efficient extra amenities.

Bob Peterson; Senior management, Redbull

Scenario 2: Entrepreneur


Mom once said to be successful one must understand the value of money; she also said i make the best lemonades and so whilst she is busy at work; i wanted to start my own lemonade business. but i want to do it in style; better than my peers especially Marcus from school.

The “Rent Me” Service allows me to rent a small space for my stylish lemonade store within my budget. the hourly rate allows me to open only at the optimum time required; getting the most out of business and one step closer to my very own Transformer toy!

Alex Phuong, Kid entrepreneur,

Scenario 3: Personal use

Scenario 3a.jpg

Sometimes you are just sick of eating out, yet do not have time to prepare food in the morning. and with vegian status its more difficult to satisfy my daily hunger.

At “ Rent Me” Service, i can rent my very own room equipt with the nessersary gear for a cook-out, whether its with co-workers, friends or just myself. its affordable at an hourly rate; i pay for only what i use. this way i can borrow a second home; away from work, stress peers and espectially the boss at lunch time.

Racheal McAdams, Staff

Project Connections


P01 Connectivity.jpg

[Main Connection:] Project 16: Architecture Republic

The main connection to this project is with project:Architecture Republic

The factory assembles, produces and deconstructs units according to my required and designated time frame. this cooperation allows my project to have a construction - deconstruction time of 5 hours. (that is the time required to construction, provide the unit, deconstruct.)

P01 ChaoConnnection.jpg

Physical connections: Platform

P01 chaoconnection2.jpg

Physical connections: Conveyor Belt.

Summing Up


On an urban scale this Project succeeds in providing:

Interactive structure through re-configuration.

more optomization in response to context change.

more opportunities to occur after a contextual change.

New Urban intervention without Form or Permanence.

"Rent Me" Service functionality to cater for contextual change.

re-configurable urban structure allowing for expansion and decomposition in an urban context.

as architecture responses to context; context itself becomes context-less.


On an Architectural scale This projects succeeds in providing:

Temporary architecture where Customised units are designed for temporary use.

geometric flexibility allowing for a large range of possibilities in form and space.

Customised Design Catering for large range of needs and desires.

Re-configurable architecture; with a construction - deconstruction time of 5 hours.

[Ineffective components of the system:]

Robotic arm; as a high-tech tool for large scale manipulation. (non existent in its magnitude. Yet)

Uncommon tool selection; many unrealized bridging knowledge and detailing.

incomplete Complex system; design of system incomplete; hence generation of elements not in full control.

[undeveloped potentials]

Self construction Potential of Robotic arm becoming the Structure.

Weaving architecture Robotic arm weaving architecture.

Future Prospects


Future Predictions: What will these Robotic arms build next?

Project Complexity

Robotic Architecture; Complex Systems; Plug in Components; Urban Platforms; Cognitive Architecture; Interaction

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