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01/04-05-2012 | MODELLING

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Meeting | To do

-Update big model

-Make Rhino main shape Ondina Pavilion

-Make Rhino Ribbon

-Update Rhino files into digital model

-what can project be in the future? (does it contribute to NDSM)

-Get help for 3D model from Gary and TOI.

-Make algorithm for ribbon/pavilion.

Connection Sam:

How does the transfer area of the floating studios connect to the ribbon?

Connection Pim/Lotte:

Does ribbon ‘continue’ in pavilion?

Is lighting controlled in this pavilion?

Come up with special mode around their pavilion?

Physical connection needs special set of rules.

-Go on with lighting system and interfaces (arduino-references-sketches)

-Material proposals.

-Create render/picture

-Make lasercut part of Ondina Pavilion

-Evaluate systems to architecture

-Evaluate Prototyping

-Update wiki with ribbon and Pavilions

-Make 3D model

-Check deliverables

-Connect ribbon to pavilion in virtual model

-References of architectural connections


-Go on with lighting system and interfaces (arduino-references-sketches)

-Material proposals.

-Create render/picture

-Make lasercut part of Ondina Pavilion

-Evaluate systems to architecture

-Evaluate Prototyping

-Update wiki with ribbon and Pavilions

-Make 3D model

-Check deliverables

-Connect ribbon to pavilion in virtual model

-References of architectural connections

26-04-2012 | CONNECTING

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Meeting | To do

-what are the begin/end points

-cover image (to show in 1 sec what project is about) what is perspective, how is it experienced?

-talk to connecting projects

Connection Harish: Temporary connection from 3rd wing of Ondina pavilion. (construction sometimes bend in another direction.) There should be a smooth/ walkable connection between the projects. Bear in mind; different material and different structure. What are the measurements of the connection?

Connection Sam: What are the measurements of the connection and where on the ribbon( connection)? How does the connecting part of the pavilion look like and also how the informational connection looks like> implemented in the interface at Ondina pavilion. How does lighting react to Sam’s project.

Connection Amid: Creating a snap point on ribbon. Maybe connect the lighting system to/trough Amid’s project. The general idea of connecting the lighting system to every project on the NDSM> No physical ribbon but only lighting like nervous system.

Connection Vahid: Ribbon goes on the roof of Vahid’s project. Railing is still present and the lighting system of ribbon continues. In the proximity of Vahid’s project the lighting responds to sound.

25-04-2012 | MODELLING

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Meeting | To do

-made sphere model in rhino

-start with modelling ribbon in rhino

-look for 'mapping' possibilities in grashopper for spheres.

-add buttons to main page wiki

-add photos of model making and today.

24-04-2012 | MODELLING

Meeting | To do


-implement data (people flow/ cubic meters)

-use rhino/grasshopper to generate 3D model (also for Google earth viewer)

-reflect work (with model/variations/etc.)

-connecting architecture to system (lighting visible from pavilion?!)

-made parts for big model

-define amount of connections with other spheres in GEO-indesign file.

23-04-2012 | MODELLING

Links | Images

IMG 0279.JPG

IMG 0282.JPG

IMG 0280.JPG

IMG 0291.JPG

IMG 0294.JPG

IMG 0288.JPG

IMG 0295.JPG

IMG 0285.JPG

IMG 0287.JPG

Meeting | To do


-making model of plaster

-Discussing walkable spheres and calculate

-relate surface shores to amount of people and calculate this

-Making rhino model with spheres

-Smoothing also depending on parameters?!

-Make ribbon and pavilion part in wiki

-Make sections

20-04-2012 | RIBBON + SPHERES

Links | Images



Meeting | To do


-Defining sphere rules (floor cutting, flattening)

-Walkable area in ellipsoid/ intersection with ground level depends at the angle of 6degree.



-find intersection point of ellipsoid with ground floor.

-Make a wiki part for the ribbon and pavilions.

-Defined sphere rules on wiki

-Go through questions of earlier logs

-References for construction of ribbon.

-Draw ribbon map.

19-04-2012 | RIBBON + SPHERES

Links | Images



Meeting | To do


-Points in ribbon, similar sphere setup to Ondina pavilion.

-Discuss pavilion dimensions


-Tested different diameters for spheres (central sphere gets sliced)

-Setup system for spheres


-Test flat floor of other pavilions

-Min. openings fire regulations

-Make setup for small pavilions in Rhino

-Define connecting spheres that go around more important ones to make walkable openings and connections.

-How deep/up are the different spheres?!

-How does the ribbon cut through the waiting sphere/ gets into the pavilion?

-sections of pavilion with spheres.

18-04-2012 | FORMFINDING

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Meeting | To do


-Modeling rules

-Making algorithm tree (also usable for setup Rhino and grasshopper model)

-Finding diameter and walkable angle of sphere.

-Find rules for connection spheres (how high is placement, how big, how much connected to which spheres)

-Sphere connection diagram.

-Differentiate ribbon

-Small pavilions; width/height; what spheres constitute pavilion.

-where exactly are the snap points for the ribbon?

-Work out ribbon

15-04-2012 | FORMFINDING

Links | Images


Meeting | To do


-Setup geometry rules



-Method of getting 3D model done

-How to de fine the inside of the pavilion

-Rules for inside pavilion (defining relations of spheres to each other and min/max)

-position of spheres inside (what is flat, and what not)

-Making plan of ribbon (width/dimensions)

-continue geometry pavilion

-Rule list for wiki (+tree) (ribbon/ transition/pavilion)

-Sphere list for wiki (pavilion)

30-03-2012 | ARDUINO + RHINO



1st - Tested ones of yesterday (29-03-2012) worked.

2nd - Extra yellow LED added.

3rd - Extra yellow LED and button added

4rd - Motion sensor with LED.

Meeting | To do

-what component/mode is more important for the system? (fading/push button)

RHINO: -base openings on amount of people +derections (main groups, see all openings as an entrance based on routing)

-Parameter tree (start pavilion min. 5m from obstacle, etc.)

Parameter list:

-people (directions/amount)

-obstacles on the way ( min. + max. distance from obstacle)

-sunlights (how much let in without compromising system)

-width of ribbon

-Proximity to water



-Rhino model

-Pavilion skin +structure

-Questions Log 29-03-12

-Phone program

-integration of whole model

-More parameters


-rhino model-ribbon where is? Draw in the diff layer

-questions log 29-03

-think about skin and structure – that applies both to ribbon and pavilion

-parameter tree – algorithm based on elements of parameetric design

-arduino –setup of iphone intreface

-integration of lighting into the ribbon/system

29-03-2012 | ARDUINO


Sequence RGB LEDS with button

Iphone control

LED circuit +button

-Arduino guidelines

-Just 1LED with button

-Generative architecture


1st - Not working.


2nd - worked with touching resistor instead of button (broken breadboard)

Meeting | To do

-Extend system to all snap point, instead of first connecting snap points to Ondina pavilion.

-Define communication between snap points Is the system totally centralized?

-Defining virtual/physical snappoints.

-Material boardwalk/pavilions

-Define elevations and situation/route of the bordwalk.

-Define Lighting objects within boardwalk.

-How does the lighting system work (in both ways)?

-How do the little interfaces work and look like?

-What is the material (sort of predefined shape projected over main-shape.. new sort of ‘brick’?!)’ and construction

-Interface integrated well enough in architecture?!

-Define all parameters which influence pavilion.. (route people, sun, ramp,.. )

28-03-2012 | ARDUINO



Tested 3 LED sequence blinking, without button.

Meeting | To do

-Examples button and LED sequence

-Things we want to test;

1)sequence of pushing buttons

2)two states of blinking

3)intensity (brightness), blinking state to modes of sytem

4)moving sensor test to modes

-Uploading photos and videos on youtube

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